Adsense nets broadcast Mrs. Wang Xin fast open micro-blog Ma Yun Ma Huateng became friends relatives

1 why the United States and the United States to play more and more public comment ruthless Zhang Tao can not afford, Wang Xingshu can not afford!  

June 12th meituan ZhenJiang Railway Station two employees in Wanda Plaza and public comment male employees "struggle", again even Guacai limb collision. In June 15th, the public comment through the official micro-blog said in a statement, the day before the occurrence of the three U.S. employees beating adverse events of public comment staff, has issued a lawyer’s letter to the U.S. mission headquarters.


between the two rival beatings and more than this one. In the second half of last year, the public comment on the investment of the hungry, it has repeatedly occurred with the u.s.. In fact, between the two court drama has repeatedly staged, the U.S. group and the public comments have sued each other each other pirates event.

2 YAHOO: stripped Ali is scheduled for  

June 17th, according to Bloomberg reported that YAHOO aspects of the original plan will be stripped of Alibaba shares, the issue is currently being stripped.

it is understood, CEO Marisa · Meijer recently held in San Francisco science and technology conference, Bloomberg said, YAHOO Ali will not peel "temporary", affected by this, YAHOO shares rose 2.3% was the highest. In an interview, Meijer said, according to plan YAHOO will hold Ali shares allocated to the shareholders of YAHOO, and this plan will not be affected by any potential regulatory policy changes. For the previous tax policy changes, YAHOO also said that this change is not for YAHOO.

3.2015 years in the ten eye-catching merger: Ma Ma Huateng became friends relatives…  

according to the Qing Branch private data show that from January 2015 to May 31st, the acquisition of up to 794 cases, according to incomplete statistics, the total amount of about $27 billion 800 million, which has strong alliances, but also a friend marriage. In the face of fierce competition in the market, from the opponent to come together to become partners, the combination is the best way to grow their own strength. This article will take a look at the 2015 inventory of the ten eye catching mergers and acquisitions.

4: a revision of the pull hook net 90 product manager girl readme  

was originally promised to write something to his knowledge of the Banlon column, thinking about recording a few important points to make up a few hundred words of the article on the good. As to the first partial hook after leading large projects, from the beginning of October to the beginning of the June plan, on the line, as & product manager; project manager, under the huge pressure (it is said that a PM needs to do this because the painting of the more than and 10 version of the prototype has not decided to leave the 5 paintings) a completely different style of the more than and 20 draft of the prototype, I decided to look carefully summarized this website from scratch.

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