The world is micro business, how can you become the longest live that

The rise of

micro business thanks to the success of WeChat in the social field, after all, from the needs of the transaction, and demand more from social communication. It is precisely because of this, micro business can quickly occupy the center of the field of vision in the just emerging. But careful friends will still be found, compared to before the phenomenon of derivative frenzy, many now seemingly pure circle of friends, at least in my circle of friends to do the purchasing of no, some of the only friend for a friend to do the propaganda. Look at the "lonely" trading status, derivative not already, I do not think West?, the reason why this happens, mainly because the industry self let some friends blindly follow up. When you are selling things in the circle of friends, feedback is all black and ridicule, confidence and enthusiasm naturally suffered a serious setback, if there is no trading volume, so give up is It’s only human. Of course, there are still successful cases, such as the use of WeChat to sell home fruit or venison, for example some people taking hold of the use of micro fans economy opened their own product agent and so on, in the micro business development of the crisscross streets, if you want to have a firm go, then how to do to live longer?

do business integrity first, micro business can not fall. Although the micro architecture in the social system, surrounded by friends, but trust is the key to complete the whole process down. After all, compared to the traditional business pages, micro providers can offer the feedback effect is limited, can not directly give other consumers objective evaluation, even if you do drying single user to a certain extent it is difficult to be recognized by everyone. Therefore, in this environment, the operator of the micro business is more emphasis on trust elements. Maybe there are some micro chamber with some fancy marketing mode to win temporary attention, but the sales is not sustainable, because in the long run, will use this marketing model will make sales into the cycle of death, the essence of creation in good faith, this is the everlasting truth, either Ali or, or other Internet products, guarantee the quality of service, commitment is the starting point of all development. For a micro business entrepreneurs, want steady growth, it must be guarded by some basic operating principles and the bottom line, if there is no good faith, all efforts will be cast to the wind.

innovation is the eternal power of micro business development. Even if the power of the grassroots to do micro business is greatly weakened, but the homogenization is still a problem can not be ignored. Now just search a consumption of hot words, in a number of public concern will have many choices, in the face of these competitors, want a what do you do? I want to improve the ability of innovation is a problem that must be solved. Remember to do their own snacks sales and several friends in WeChat at the beginning, then do pecan, dried fruit, the competition is very fierce, because too many people are doing the same, that we do not sell on price. Later we began to change the idea, relying solely on the line is not ideal, because we are in the competition on the compression of the development of their own space, therefore, we need to contact the line, do an expansion. Because of the sea, Seafood City

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