Baidu Adsense VP club will soon be released in mid July

A5 ( station network July 3rd news yesterday, the Beijing Railway Station high-end salon, from pole, Xunyiwenyao, perfect world, Yoka and other high quality site executives gathered to "search resources cooperation department boss Qing Wei Shichahai hall" in Baidu Webmaster Platform is also at the scene.  

salon on Baidu Webmaster Platform VIP club was preheated, the site will also become the first member, and enjoy a number of privileges to the platform, Baidu Adsense VIP club in the end to bring what privileges?

below is a detailed description of the VIP club, East Qi’s speech:

webmaster platform over the past period of time, with you through the basic communication through QQ, telephone and so on to achieve the artificial way, including some so-called privilege or cooperation. But now, we hope that through a system to work closely with everyone, and make a record, resulting in the establishment of the idea of the VIP club.

VIP has several points: one is the original spark program, the users clearly understand the original content from which, what is the original content, the user is very valuable to the website traffic will be a corresponding increase.

second is the source of the news review, the news site, we are here as the entrance to submit news sources, news colleagues to help responsible for audit, which can enter into the inside, which need to punish or eliminate sources of news qualifications, webmaster is a resource cooperation, some good sites can through the platform to join the news source system to.

next is the green channel service, we had the problem may find a platform for employees, by the manual to solve, in the future want to use the system to submit, delete, etc..

fourth is called feedback communication, Baidu is very large, if there is some need a department is very difficult to find the webmaster, but in the future through our webmaster can find the corresponding departments, through good communication to help you build a communication with other departments of the Baidu channel.

fifth is called the site diagnosis, which for the high quality of the site and the resource station is very important, the site will have revision, Baidu will appear when the abnormal situation occurs, these problems, we will go to support or help you do the corresponding work site.

is the last search rankings, that is, we have a number of other resources and privileges to you, but this process is the need for a time to slowly accumulate while digging.

above, we have some of the projects, and we will be released in mid July VIP club, will integrate these projects, and continue to expand.

in the early days of the club is to invite the first part of the invitation code to come to our system.


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