Decided to promote the success of Baidu phoenix nest two important factors

the price of Baidu brought huge profit rankings to Baidu, but on the left shows the advertising results, has been controversial in the industry, a lot of people think that do harm to the search experience for users. Search for future trends will be the best combination of natural search and Internet users experience. December Baidu phoenix nest full launch, it is in order to adapt to the needs of experience. However, as the phoenix nest itself, whether in the full line can be recognized by ordinary Internet users and users to promote the site, I think that depends on the following two important factors:

ordinary search user experience and search behavior habits

Baidu this adjustment is a very important factor in the success of the user is willing to see and click on the right to promote information, which is a user behavior problems. For example, for the traditional product booking industry, the user has the habit of booking online


any project will have a training stage, in the process of determining success or failure is very important is the choice of mode, because it directly determines what you have the advantage, can go far.

and phoenix nest system on-line, the objective will be to enable enterprises to promote information transfer to the search results on the right, then, if there is a good smooth transition, phoenix nest will be of great help to the advertisers, but also conducive to ordinary users. In the Internet industry the most simple thing is to cultivate habits of Internet users, the most difficult thing is to change the user behavior, so the future of the new Internet users on the Internet to accept the right promotion information easily, it is difficult to make the 330 million Baidu users to change and recognition.

is not really give customers more and more accurate user

Baidu is a very important factor in the adjustment is to enhance the user’s search experience, fundamentally solve the contradiction between business promotion information and user experience.

on the left side of the search results to reduce the natural search results appear at the same time paid links, click on the right side of the page is more real and effective. Phoenix nest proposed phoenix nest advertising system will be equipped with nine advertising management functions to meet the advertisers increasingly strong directional delivery needs. This nine advertising management functions are: 1 account structure optimization; 2 points area; 3 budget function; 4, negative function; 5 to promote the live show; 6 advertising effect and budget estimation tools; 7.IP removal; 8 batch operation; 9 tentative launch. These features can significantly improve the search results. However, the results of the specific implementation, but also to promote the actual effect of the customer in the phoenix nest on the full line, is not really to bring more and more accurate customer challenges phoenix nest program is successfully implemented,

regardless of the industry or Baidu itself, the phoenix nest system has a very high overall expectations, because it represents an inevitable trend of the development of an industry. The same is true for the tourism e-commerce site, to the user experience as the fundamental demands of the user is the most valuable

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