Circle of friends micro business business hot A lot of software to do

, according to Xinhua News Agency Hangzhou (reporter Zhou Jing) with the help of WeChat and the rise of social micro business in recent years is very hot, but insiders leaked, the circle of friends in high volume, taking micro drying out of the fiery transaction screenshot scraper, many false phenomenon produced by software, the purpose is to lure people in the circle of friends buy even a suspicion of fraud.

recently, an article entitled "the original online transactions, sun sun circle of friends dialogue, so get out of the Sun Records" post so many love shopping in the circle of friends of the netizens stunned, claimed the transaction records, transfer records are available through the "WeChat dialogue generator" and "Alipay transfer screenshot" software is free to make out.

reporter from Baidu search WeChat dialogue generator, instantly jumped out of tens of thousands of related information. Subsequently, the reporter will be free to download a trial software, in accordance with the instructions, and soon generated a dialogue. The software not only can set the dialogue between the two sides avatar, nickname, conversations, but also into the WeChat voice transfer, finally, also help the automatic generation of software screenshot. "Alipay transfer screenshot builder you can set both the Alipay name, avatar, transfer payments and other information. Reporters saw these software has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on certain sites.

in a circle of friends to sell things, micro business told reporters that this approach does exist, and more and more favored by micro traders. Most of the fabricated praise and turnover, so that people mistakenly believe that the quality of the product is welcome, so that it can attract others to buy." The micro business said, because there is no specification for the micro business, the entire circle of chaos.

reporter found that this practice may even evolve into pyramid schemes. Some micro business focus is not on the sale of products, but in order to develop offline, recruit agents, fraud suspects. Hangzhou, a full-time mother told reporters that she saw a friend in the circle of friends to sell health care products is very hot, almost every day, sun thousands of dollars turnover. See each other in the recruit agents, she took out 5000 yuan to buy a group, but did not expect to get the hands of health care products packaging rough, and even the production date are not, simply can not sell. When she asked the friends, friends admit that records are false, and that be deceived by others, now rely on the development of the home to recoup cost.

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