Dedecms official website can not access the news that the alleged involvement of DC providers invol

recently on the mobile phone, mobile phone pornography jurisprudence and other related information frequently appeared earlier in the day, Xinhua published a mobile phone news which mentions the yellow peril, a room in jurisprudence, harboring pornographic website information, and enthusiastic users said that because of the dream weaver official website storage in the exposure of the room, may be the room and porn sites involved, currently Dedecms official website has been unable to access.

the following is the relevant report:

according to the reporter, a mobile phone pornographic websites annual operating costs less than 10000 yuan, but it can bring the net income of hundreds of thousands of dollars for operators.

For example,

mobile phone users to download a every two yuan pornographic websites provide customized ringing tone, you can get 1 yuan of income, advertising alliance, SP and telecom operators will be 1 yuan in accordance with the proportion of distribution of the remaining money. Wu told reporters, in order to increase revenue, some advertising alliance and telecom operators insiders even secretly hope that the site jurisprudence, in order to attract visitors.

Chinese Academy of science and technology policy and Management Science Research Institute Dr. Li Qiang found that in April this year in the follow-up survey, Beijing Unicom China Winton building IDC room, China Mobile Shanghai company Nu River IDC room, IDC room, Shanghai China Telecom Hangzhou IDC room, Jiujiang IDC room, Sichuan room in Chengdu Tianfu Hotline to provide access to services for no Beian mobile phone pornographic website.

at the same time, some telecom operators to provide access services in the Beian site, there are some full of obscene and pornographic content.

The author

Ping. Official website can not be Ping, according to Ping IP, we found the IP database of the information given is Shanghai Nu River mobile room, so you official is likely implicated by this, temporarily unable to access.

Dedecms head of Bai Lian to check on it, Bai Lian said that due to mobile room by CCTV exposure, all servers in the room to accept the inspection, the police are the one by one investigation, therefore you temporarily unable to restore access to the official website, I hope we wait, and thanks for your concern.

DedeCMS official website is currently undergoing migration.

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