HTML5 reality the lack of the concept of hot application level

reporter Feng Haichao

is the current industry structure, HTML5 technology, the concept of speculation by fancier dominated by the author, discuss technical field over the pan, and at the application level is rarely successful. This is the reality of the present HTML5.

HTML5 and Flash who will dominate the market in the mobile Internet era, has caused widespread controversy in the field of industry, Apple Corp former CEO Steve · is a staunch supporter of the HTML5. With the Adobe company is announced Flash from mobile, (Adobe company announced that it was going to stop for Android intelligent operating system support, including updates to support the new system and the existing system), eventually won HTML5 and will lead the future of the mobile Internet in the field of "beautiful scene" seems to be getting closer and closer to us.

has a good user experience, rich multimedia content, excellent cross platform and cross terminal characteristics, HTML5 based applications are becoming the mainstream of the next generation of mobile Internet applications. Construction of HTML5 based mobile Internet platform and ecosystem has become a major strategic development of large mobile Internet vendors.

we believe that with the growing number of browser and website began to cater to the background of the rapid development of other factors with free + open source and cross platform, a variety of properties, HTML5 will become the most influential and innovative force in the field of internet. However, the current industry structure, HTML5 technology, the concept of speculation by fancier dominated by the author, discuss the technology in the field of excessive flooding, while at the application level, to discuss the practical application in the field of business is very scarce, few successful cases. This is the reality of HTML5.

has been in the HTML5 for four and a half years since its first official draft was released in January 22, 2008, and HTML5 is still in the development phase. So whether it can go beyond the standards and technical research value, the real industry to make a huge change, is the key issue of its next development, but also the real outbreak of the moment. But, how long will it take to get there?

and a giant game?

HTML5 is the most widely circulated about Description: HTML5 will eventually replace App and become the future of the mobile internet.

today’s mobile Internet market is undoubtedly one of the hottest areas of IT, but also capital, technology, products and even the media are the focus of attention. However, the entire mobile Internet ecosystem chain, occupy the top position is still apple iOS, Google Android and recently began to force the Microsoft Windows Phone three systems.

in these three giants, Microsoft is the only king of the desktop system, apple with iOS devices occupy most of the Native App >

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