How does the new short rent market challenge Tradition Hotel

with the share economy increasingly hot, online tourism gradually into people’s vision, the tourism market has been subdivided, wooden bird short rental, travel with travel, travel and other bread emerging vertical O2O platform will usher in new opportunities.

wood bird announced the completion of a number of short hire tens of millions of B round of financing by the morning of venture capital investment, investment and other clubs with plum. In July last year, the wood bird has also received a short rental clubs venture capital A 60 million round of financing.

ant short lease announced that it has fully docked Ali’s Sesame credit product system. Users can directly through sesame credit certification, sesame 600 and above users not only enjoy the benefits of free deposit, as well as the opportunity to get a million accommodation fund.

since the country put forward the "Internet plus" top-level strategic planning, many Internet companies ushered in opportunities for development, and as the "online Internet plus short rent short rent platform also has a new opportunity for development.

16 years in January, Baidu and Baidu enfodesk tourism jointly issued the "2015 big data Chinese Free Market Research Report", the report shows, 2015 Chinese online travel market reached 423 billion 720 million yuan, of which the size of China domestic free market for 3 trillion yuan, 3 billion 200 million people, per capita consumption of 937.5 yuan, an increase of 9.7%.

standard VS non-standard

the quality of housing, the landlord, the uneven quality of uneven in quality of online and offline user experience is large, and there are security risks, has been plagued by huge problems short rental industry, in a nutshell is platform products of high value, low barriers to entry products and non – standard service.

"regular Penzion Plesnivec Hotel industry operators need to advance the corresponding business license or registration in a number of departments of industry and commerce, public health, public security and fire protection, otherwise regarded as illegal" black hotel. "." Concerned about the long-term short rental lawyer Fang Wei said, "the short rent mode of pension, regardless of the operator or the tenants are not the real name registration, the crime prevention and control work of police cause some obstacles."

thus, most troubled or personal safety, breaking the rental real estate intermediary phenomenon will happen here


how to be more secure?

1 real name authentication. Ants short rent will not say, as Ali’s products, has been linked with sesame credit. And some, such as the pig short hire also choose to cooperate with sesame credit, import user credit system.

2 network security system. Modeled on the hotel management system, tenant owner identity system verification, direct and public security system networking.

3 insurance. Work like a wooden bird short rent and Pacific Insurance Company, at the same time in order to orders after the user background to generate insurance Taiping Insurance, can

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