The first domestic WeChat rumor case closed an apology and compensation for 10 thousand yuan

reporter learned yesterday, the first day of WeChat China rumor case before the dust settles a WeChat public account for two papers published rumors, the account operator is Amway (China) Commodity Co. Ltd. to court. Finally, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the rumors have been deleted, account operators released a letter of apology in the WeChat public account, and pay 1 yuan compensation to the Amway Corp. Yangzi Evening News reporter Xu Xiaofeng


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, the lawsuit involving two rumors, one called "Amway Nutrilite protein powder using genetically modified soybeans, but in fact, Amway Nutrilite protein powder raw materials for non GMO soybeans, and obtain international certification authority of the SGS certification. In order to fight against Internet rumors, from September 2014, the Amway Corp to increase non GMO soy protein isolate identified in all Nutrilite soy protein product packaging. Another rumor is that "Amway boss died, only 56 years old, eat for a lifetime nutrilite". This is the Amway Corp’s founder Richard It is sheer fiction., · Devos, aged 87, recently a new book.

said the lawsuit, Amway said, "in WeChat, Amway has thousands of rumors, we conducted complaints and reports, now deleted article more than 4 thousand, but in the face of every day a lot of new rumors, we have to take legal means to safeguard corporate reputation. Recovery of 1 yuan of compensation, the meaning is not money, it is hoped that more businesses, citizens can use legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, resist rumors, purify the network environment."

friends pass a simple online rumors

network is not a malicious rumor. According to the survey data show that only the first half of this year, Tencent security center received about 60 million reports. Audited, millions of malicious accounts were frozen. Reporters yesterday in the WeChat search found that the Tencent also push a "rumor filter" number of public attention of reporters found that it really is all kinds of rumors, there are still a lot of popular and make a lot of people such as "for gospel truth, humidifier water cause asthma is not reliable?." A monthly salary of eight thousand recruiting monks? Donor not believe ah! "" drink milk after drying can do a condom? "These rumors dumbfounding.

so how to distinguish the spread of rumors on WeChat one to do their own experiments or verification is obviously impossible. So the industry also taught a few simple resolution method, such as the first under the name of the publisher, if a "XX real estate" public number to publish on the XX child food poisonous articles, 90% may be rumors; "what makes you believe your nutrition advice to a small brush advertising people.

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