Network entrepreneurship requires not only motivation but creativity and fun

most of the people, to enter the e-commerce is following the trend. Otherwise, the fear of loss of opportunity, or else is afraid to keep up with the trend". Therefore, these people engaged in e-commerce, the network is purely a use, and there is no obvious motive.

when you see "Amazon" is very successful, on the establishment of online bookstore, a nest of peak, we heard that the E-bay stock price performance is good, it was a lot of auction, no creativity, no motivation, this is blindly follow the results, since can not provide special services, the site quickly eliminated. If the surface is imitating service, ask a homogeneous website, what is the significance of the existence of


the importance of the so-called motivation is to establish their own network in their own business to define a website to go. For example, education free website, is the continuous development is recommended in the education and training market and imperfect management mechanism, to solve the employment, training, workplace issues work etc.. A strong and obvious motive attached to it because of the need to find office workers to meet the needs of office workers

engaged in e-commerce, should make something different from others. The vast "network" ocean look what a network operator motivation is not a fancy business opportunities, look forward to as soon as possible to profit from? However, if there is no so-called "needs to be satisfied by the motivation", if only focus on business opportunities and uncreatively imitate others website management, is "too slow, too late!" the motivation is to find a person with no problems to solve, and then use the network power to solve this problem, so Internet will be paid to the life, achievements of the value of the site.

why do I say that there is no creativity, do not start the Internet?. Otherwise, there is a motive, only to express personal ideas, but can not be specific. In the network world, creative occupies a pivotal position, because the network is free to use, from the user first enter the accepted value of experience, determines whether it will continue to come in, so the performance from the initial idea is impressed on the battle of life and death.

"NOCREATIVE, NOOPPERTUNITY!" (no creativity, no chance) network is a virtual world service, if the first time users, will not rise, there is no second chance of visiting, as previously mentioned, in the network world, only the first second brand, no brand, as if you have a trusted doctor to take care of your body, you don’t bother to find a doctor second; in the same way, if there is a long-term bank, it is difficult to find another bank and is the same reason.

however, any e-commerce has earlier than you enter the opponent, this time can only be more creative to make up for the advantages of others than you have first entered. Like the discovery of neutrons and atoms, the first to discover

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