The doctor reservation valuation of $700 million domestic websites keep going by painstaking effort

network in Beijing on October 10th, according to voice of the economy, the world company reported that the United States has a website called online doctor appointment website. By landing on the site, you can find out how many doctors are near your home. Then according to the site to provide the doctor’s file review, qualification, spare time, such as the right to choose a doctor, and then confirm the service time to complete the reservation service.

the entire service process, the patient does not need to spend money, the only thing to do is to register a number. So convenient website, not only by the warm welcome of the American people, increasing the number of users, but also by the favor of capital. Not long ago, it had obtained venture capital institutions including Russia DST, Goldman Sachs, several venture capital institutions a total of $95 million. Currently, the online doctor booking site has reached $700 million valuation, was named " the world’s most valuable Internet Co ", one of the.

here, listeners may think that the threshold is not high, and very profitable website, I can at home a copy? It is desirable to have this idea, but there are already people The early bird catches. In China, there is a company called " insider " Web site, are now doing such a thing.

the "world" focus on the " website, " insider; his company said, the company is helping the user to quickly find a doctor, to provide health care and medical treatment information, the most comprehensive, accurate, instant discount for users, enhance the professional level of doctors and benefits, at the same time also provides users with 24 hours online family doctor service.

this website also launched a search tool, called " handheld 120" its function, and the United States online doctor appointment website is similar, but the effect is not good in the United States? "World" linked to the " " CEO website; FAQ; Li Hao. Li Hao told the world company, the product is not satisfactory results.

Li Hao: because the product has just made the first period, do not particularly good, the first words are 30 thousand installations, to tell the truth without too much profit, to maintain the company’s operations on the good.

is also a model, why in the United States is a great success in China is not ideal? Li Hao also carefully analyzed the problem that has plagued him for a long time.

Li Hao: in fact there are many domestic websites to do things like this, but why not do it? That is no way to the domestic foreign doctor money, this website is why can be profitable, many doctors in the pay, why did he pay? Because he used the site to promote their propaganda, medicine and patients comment on my medical ethics a comment, employment relationship between the domestic hospital doctor, the domestic situation is not the lack of disease hospital, I don’t need you to give me such a pre > on the Internet

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