Tmall eleven transaction volume of 3 minutes to break up to 1 billion and 1 hours of 12 billion

Tmall 11 0:38 trading volume exceeded 10 billion

[TechWeb] November 11th news, Tmall double eleven online shopping opened in 2 minutes and 53 seconds turnover reached $1 billion. Last year, a breakthrough of 1 billion yuan double node of 22 yuan for 5 minutes, this year, nearly three minutes speed. 10 minutes turnover reached $3 billion 690 million; 14 minutes and zero seconds to break through 5 billion yuan ($2).

deadline 11 0:38 trading volume exceeded 10 billion. Which accounted for 45.5% of wireless. Last year, rushed to 10 billion with a total of 5 hours and 49 minutes.

11 at 1 in the morning, the transaction amounted to a total of 12 billion, accounting for wireless accounted for more than 45.8%. Official data show that the first eleven hours of double payment, fast payment accounted for 46% of all payments, in all channels accounted for the highest; followed by Tmall to pay the amount of treasure accounted for all 16%, Yu Ebao payment accounted for 15%, accounting for 14% of the account balance. The traditional online banking to pay, all the bank’s online banking and other channels together accounted for only 9%. Tmall Bao, the balance of treasure and the balance of the entire eleven support for the payment system to ease the pressure on the bank to pay channel plays a crucial role.

In addition to

, Alipay said, at the first hour of the 11 day, the number of payments made by Alipay has reached 62 million 830 thousand pen pen, brush out the record again. Last year, Alipay completed the double eleven all day long, payment items for the 188 million pen. Data show that the opening first minutes to achieve the number of mobile payment pen reached 650 thousand pen. After the opening of the first hour, the user through the phone to complete the payment of the pen to reach 35 million 40 thousand pen payment.

Alibaba group CEO Lu Zhaoxi said: this year’s data has more rapid growth than last year. For consumers and businesses awesome. Internet technology has just begun, there are still many things to do."

in addition, Lu Zhaoxi said that Alibaba this year’s goal is to introduce more international brands to meet the needs of more consumers. Alibaba’s urbanization strategy, this year will take two measures, agricultural and sideline products can be sold to the city through the network, urban goods through the platform to the countryside, to achieve interoperability.

is worth mentioning that, in the field of smart phones, the top five sales ranking in turn: millet, Meizu, HUAWEI, hammer, apple. In addition, ranking in the home appliance market, Haier ranked first, followed by millet.

note: this data is the raw data for the audit, for reference only.

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