Brand cybersquatting creative business or enterprise malicious attacks

last week, "GuJie" this intriguing search engine was released by the domain name, and the name "GuJie" is a Shenzhen company called "valley of ancient science and technology", and boasted to create Chinese green search engines. Coincidentally, as the largest search engine, Baidu recently are in the cybersquatting storm, in addition to "" and "" were registered, "" also inexplicably linked to the Baidu home page, to lead the industry About Baidu NetEase and a malicious cybersquatting domain name.

industry analysts pointed out that the domain name has always been a difficult to avoid the topic of the Internet industry, for the enterprise, in addition to the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and "intellectual property law" to court lawsuit, the most important thing is to add the enterprise domain name protection consciousness strong, in order to prevent the domain name was malicious cybersquatting.

Baidu suffered a series of cybersquatting

input "" web site will quickly point to the global Google Page (, this incident caused in the industry has finally raise a Babel of criticism of The case is entirely cleared.. The original Google did not have the leisure to spoof Baidu registered "" is a company in Shaanxi, "the information technology company, more surprisingly, in addition to" ", the company’s website Lu Feilong hands still holding a dozen large and small domain.

however, "SB" issue has not been resolved, but the collapse of a "SI" suffix domain name, as long as the user in the browser address bar enter address, can be transferred to a called "suddenly a · search engine on the" ferry ". The Internet was once rumored, the Slovenia national top-level domain name suffix site registered and had to do GHOSTXP rain forest wind connection, but in the record management system of domain name information ministry and the Ministry of information, the reporter found that the domain name holder is a name called "Li Xuehao", the record number for: Su ICP No. 10103650.


, assistant dean of Beihang University law school, Dr. Tan Hualin told the Nanfang Daily reporter said, because the domain management institutions around the world, in the domain of management will inevitably exist these problems. "Not all countries and regions are aware that there is such a company called ‘Baidu’ in China, so it is inevitable that such problems arise. In fact, this situation is not uncommon in the world."

reporter learned that the earliest cybersquatting caused by domestic attention is at the end of 1995. According to relevant statistics, by 1996, China has nearly 700 enterprises as trademark cybersquatting, including well-known.

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