Taobao new regulations pull to the egg 7000 small sellers siege big sellers



Taobao mall President Zhang Yong

  October 12th news, last year, Taobao Mall for the seller gave a surprise "double 11" feast, as in a year later, Taobao mall sellers to send a sudden 10.11 incident".

yesterday evening 9 o’clock, nearly 7000 users to a collection of YY voice, organized, the starry, Ou Sha, seven princess, UNIQLO Taobao mall big sellers, the implementation of the "malicious operations take goods, to the poor, refused to pay". Most of these four shops have been forced to sell goods shelves.

"10.11 incident": "the night to kill a large collective, let Taobao know the consequences of"

according to Taobao’s argument, which is a new deal for the Taobao mall, organized, premeditated acts of violence against. Nearly 7000 users gathered in the YY voice, there is a small seller and hired a considerable part from the Taobao mall. The aim is to organize a big network of violence to combat the seller, to Taobao mall platform rules to vent dissatisfaction.

an unnamed action participant said, notice of this action is seen in the evening of 10 of their electricity supplier in the group, but the organizers of group personnel outside the confidential, especially not to inform people of Taobao. The group said the announcement, the Taobao Mall for the action will be 11 at 8:30 on the evening unified division of labor, the official launch of the 9 points. But there must be 3000 participants to fight.

participate in the way, is to fight against the designated large sellers to carry out a product of a commodity focused on goods. If the owner does not take the goods, delivery, unified to the Taobao Mall for compensation (in accordance with the provisions of Taobao mall, 72 hour delivery the seller can get compensation, the shop will be possessed and closing); if the owner ship, all confirm receipt, and unified to the store or call 0 rating 1 points, then immediately apply for a refund (Taobao mall provisions, if the seller within 72 hours of delivery, the buyer can enjoy 7 days of interests). In this way, Taobao mall sellers rating, return rate and other credit indicators will be hit.

only hit the heart of those customers Taobao mall, is the best riot." One participant said.

action in clockwise arrive at the beginning of 9 points as scheduled, collected were divided into 30 groups to perform all participants in the YY speech, each group of 100 people, listen to the unified nickname "Zaf| wave" command. In their YY action notice board, "the night to kill a large collective, let Taobao know the consequences of" impressively in the head. Each group of the banner, also wrote a "rise! Mall people! Pick up your sharp operating speed!" Other words.

less than half an hour, the Korean homes have more than 2000 pieces of clothing has been forced to take off the shelf because of non normal

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