f you can not embrace the net red economy financial content of entrepreneurship on what realized

in early spring, I and a financial business content just melted the order of tens of millions of people to meet, just sit down, the other to ask me, "now get financing so well, why don’t you start


I thought, sure enough, the content of entrepreneurship in the spring".

series of intensive financing shows this hot market: in February 24th, Ma Dong media announced the completion of mewe billion yuan level A round of financing, in March 10th, today’s headlines set 200 million yuan content of investment funds, investment of more than three hundred early new media project, March 18th, "two more" announced the completion of about fifty million A round of financing, March 19th. Papi sauce announced the acquisition of 12 million financing.

but there is a saying that this year is the final dividend period, the more exaggerated is the first half of the final dividend period". Spring is coming, it won’t last long. For a time, the content of air in the atmosphere of Time will not wait for me. fermentation, entrepreneurs eager to finance card, investors afraid of missing the last ticket, even if no profit model also resolutely closed.

this is not an exception in the field of financial content entrepreneurship, you can observe a phenomenon is: the quality of traditional financial media and financial practitioners are accelerating admission. I played in a more than 200 people in the financial media micro channel group, senior media people in this group are in the finance, new financial system, from time to time to see someone announced to enter the content of entrepreneurship.

There is very similar to the local

financial industry and content industry, both of which is the core of information data, the essence in solving the problem of asymmetric information, no specific material, from information to the transaction can be completed online, no logistics links, this can be created for both "fit".

but intuition tells us that financial content of entrepreneurship may not be like grass class by chicken soup, curious and funny to seize the initiative, so the question is: what is the best form of financial content, realized the best path in which? Short video is the birth of "net red economy" broke out, whether serious financial content catch up with this wave of content of enterprise dividend


with these questions, I visited a number of financial content entrepreneurs.

realized different path

content is the primary consideration of entrepreneurship. General path is hard wide soft. A departure from the media who founded a net loan information class number, a single month of public numbers are generated hundreds of thousands of profits, and then acquired a number of similar public numbers, the agency began to operate. When it comes to the content is not unique, or accounted for the initiative barriers". Later began to host a large conference, almost turned into a public relations firm.

, however, I contacted several financial content entrepreneurs, do not want to go this way. "Well known financial" founder Zhou Yong believes that this model will hurt the brand, in the short term can fool white, but not easy to retain high quality users, it is difficult to long-term.

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