Jingdong freight adjustment or trigger electricity supplier to follow the online shopping free shipp

online shopping Jingdong ease and relaxed". Whether it is not necessarily assured, relaxed index has fallen sharply: 22 evening, Jingdong announced the distribution policy adjustment announcement, from November 25th onwards, the amount of less than $39 order to charge $5 shipping. This may mean that online shopping free shipping era will end.

there is no doubt that this year B2C e-commerce is a sort of bustle and prosperity of rich multicolored decorations. Taobao’s dominance in the C2C led to the success of a large number of B2C electricity supplier imagination, fanaticism and greed followed. Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, excellence, amoy…… , which do not spell a life to think of a way to discount, grab customers, sales. In particular, Jingdong, information, to improve performance, to book beautiful, to a round of financing, shouting to listed. Call down earned, but died in the way of listing.

legend of the Jingdong at Xueben the price impact of the book market Dangdang, excellence also followed to bigong book market price system, causing shock waves of the book market until now still remains. Of course, consumers like watching online free happiness within, as the film for the audience like behoove. Only now, as the electricity supplier, to fight the red eyes of the Jingdong finally awake: financing money burn? Can call


5 yuan freight adjustment, let us see the electricity began to wash away the glitz, return to reason.

even publicity in C round of financing $1 billion 500 million Jingdong is not supported with money, no better than other electricity providers, such as drinking water, lengnuanzizhi. However, according to media reports, after a few days ago, users of micro-blog’s well-known Internet Co revenue situation broke the news, said the Internet has lost 391 million of the six months, Jingdong mall 2010 loss is as high as $3 billion. Lok CEO Bi Sheng an electricity supplier must return money essence, is now revealed that the electricity supplier industry prosperity following the crisis time.

Jingdong freight adjustment can be seen as a microcosm of rational thinking to business electricity began to "make money" essence, to the rapid and sustainable development, by injecting the blood type can endeavour, temporary swagger before others for a long time, 100 is tired. Electricity supplier business market demand will be accompanied by the process of the Internet, Jingdong took the lead to make adjustments to the move of the freight, not just the idea of a Jingdong electricity supplier.

in fact, Dangdang, excellent early free shipping threshold. But Jingdong’s 5 yuan freight is just offset by the cost of logistics directly related to the cost of pressure, operating costs of the pressure of the entrance. Electricity supplier high operating costs of the industry has been a common knowledge of the facts. On the one hand, advertising costs, labor costs, logistics costs, warehousing costs and cost increase, on the other hand, not only go Jingdong model business increased in number in the traditional home appliance stores (such as Gome, Suning) have built online shopping mall, even more tragic is that the group purchase website emerge overnight in dozens of hundreds of 1000, confused eating the online shopping market, but also to seize the logistics resources of all artificial advertising.


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