Women’s interest in social networking site SkinnyScoop millions of dollars in seed financing



Pinterest is a women dream of finishing wardrobe, health advice and access to exclusive areas that never baked cake recipes, but for those who want to set their own target groups, SkinnyScoop is willing to be able to provide a fantasy turn into action platform for them.

was founded in San Francisco, SkinnyScoop is a focus on female market start-ups, this company can be recommended for them to read books for women, the application, and provide the beauty secrets, recommended articles etc.. These female users are allowed to create a social networking list similar to the Pinterest (PinBoard), but they can also be added to the discussion group and focus on other users. Announced that it has received seed financing $1 million SkinnyScoop days ago.

"SkinnyScoop women daily line communication to the Internet, and the dissemination of knowledge of their understanding to women and the trend of the other affected creator," the company’s CEO Eden Godsoe said, "because we have little time to read the text or email which book to read the screen which application, the download or what gift should buy."

by using e-mail or Facebook account after completing the registration, SkinnyScoop will provide new user recommendations such as "let me eat those pre sorting books" or "favorite doll" list, in addition, SkinnyScoop also allows you to create your own list of users. SkinnyScoop wants users to be able to get recommendations from fashion icon or their best friends, rather than just copying it on the internet.

images can be automatically filled in and the list can be shared through various social networking sites. Godsoe says SkinnyScoop will be a great potential for women bloggers who write independent fashion articles, because they can embed the code of the recommended product to their website and see the results as a reward.

Pinterest is a collection of things women to have a very good tool, whether it is their sweet holiday plans, or the perfect new house decoration, or flawless bikinis, can be nailed on the Pinterest, "Godsoe explained," the establishment of SkinnyScoop although the former from inspiration, but the difference is: SkinnyScoop is based on the needs of the people, the creation of interest."

through the use of structured data rather than a simple picture or Photo resources, Sk>

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