Core network marketing method.


network marketing methods, these methods are not applicable for single enterprise. Key points of network marketing. The core lies in the integration of network marketing methods to fully understand the enterprise, in accordance with the integration of marketing objectives, using these methods, it is to win a way. So, the core of the network marketing method, is the first step, the today these methods a Megamix:

a, SEM: SEM[1] is the abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing, Chinese means search engine marketing. SEM is a new form of network marketing. SEM is to do a comprehensive and effective use of search engines to network marketing and promotion. SEM pursuit of the highest cost-effective, with minimal investment, access to the largest search engine, and generate business value.

two, SEO: search engine optimization (SEO), that is, through the site structure, keyword selection, website content planning to adjust and optimize, making the site in front of the search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) and website content optimization, keyword optimization, external links optimization, internal link optimization, code optimization, image optimization, search engine login, etc..

three, website advertising on the site to do Banner, Flash text chain and other forms of advertising, is a traditional network promotion. This kind of advertising, propaganda target population is relatively wide, not as competitive as the search for the potential target customers. At present, the site advertising is the domestic Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals one of the main ways to profit.

four, blog marketing: blog marketing is the use of blog network application form to carry out network marketing tools. Is the company, enterprise or individual to use this blog network interactive platform, the relevant survey and information release and update enterprises, companies or individuals, and pay close attention to and respond to customers on the platform for the enterprise or individual related questions and advice, and zero cost of search engine is a front row to help enterprises or companies through strong blog in order to achieve the purpose of publicity platform, marketing means.

five, e-commerce (Electronic Commerce, referred to as E-commerce) on the Internet is an open network environment, based on Browser / server applications, realize consumers online shopping, online transactions and online merchants of the electronic payment of a new type of business operation mode.

six, marketing the so-called ‘soft’ refers to the ‘circle’ thinking through the concept of appeal, specific to the facts and truth of the way to make consumers into enterprise set, with strong targeted psychological attack quickly realize the product sales of word mode and oral communication. Form: news, third party comments, interviews, interviews, word of mouth.

seven, e-mail marketing e-mail marketing is the premise of the user in advance, through e-mail to the target user to deliver valuable information >

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