What is a pressing matter of the moment of new ventures customer experience and brand building


, in trying to profit and well-known enterprise forward, online start-up companies face a daunting challenge. They have to make important strategic decisions about where to focus their attention. A popular strategy is to focus on brand building and training awareness; the other is to focus on customer experience as the focus of attention. Which of these two elements must be essential and must be included in the company’s overall strategy, which is the first step?

in the first camp of the company believes that brand awareness and the success of today’s online business secrets. Of course, the customer experience is very important, but investors want to see the site’s traffic and profitability possibilities. Therefore, when no one had heard of this site, provides a strong customer experience is futile. Once the brand is established, the realization of the cognitive, customer traffic generated, then the results of the customer side produced. As long as the customer experience to meet the basic functional standards, its careful polishing can be postponed.

other companies believe that focusing on the customer experience is a business can do, the only profitable thing. An online company that designs the best customer experience will find that consumers are likely to visit and become repeat customers. Positive customer experience leads customers to shop in e-commerce sites, site visits, and the participation of community sites. Further, when the customer experience is particularly effective or desirable, the customer will tell the family and friends. Companies that don’t pay attention to the customer experience (instead of choosing to use expensive advertising to build brand awareness) will take the risk of squandering the budget to prompt consumers to visit their site once. In the end, proponents of this view warn that failure to create an effective customer experience will not lead to repeat customers, the company’s most profitable source of revenue.

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