Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong from the boy to the hundreds of millions of millions of Mr.

Abstract every year under the age of 30 upstart entrepreneurs will be some new faces, at the same time, there are also ", such as the 1981 birth of a fish escaped through the Seine" Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong. Of course, this is about my vision, but it is undeniable that in many places in the north of Guangshen, are "hidden" are not known to the outside world of young entrepreneurs, their low-key, their experienced and their achievements, for example, the same as Xiong Junhe Yao Jianjun was born in 1982. These people achieve their life just thirty years of age, for them, entrepreneurship is endless, never late upstart.


this is not a story about how to get rich, but how a "Mensao male" into millions of users have the super product manager.


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Like father,like son. 2006, Wu Xinhong bought the first car in life: BMW 325i. He quickly became obsessed with racing, also joined the club. A car sits on his 2 full years old son, Wu Xinhong sudden acceleration in Xiamen open road, saw his face slowly turned by calm astonishment, like most of the day on the Internet after a very red face the same "Scene" foreign friends: life where no pit. Dad".

later, Xiong Jun founder Wu Xinhong brothers, synchronized push often take this small nephew fun: "go, take your dad’s car to go?" the little guy always panic shook his head: "no, I don’t want to sit!"

this is a story in the spring of 2012, Xiong Jun in Xiamen told me. One day at the end of 2012, when I was on a business trip to Beijing, Wu Xinhong tried to prove the truth of the story, he nodded and said, "that was when he was very young. Now 6 years old, every day he called me to drive him to go for a ride! "

looks quiet, wild at heart, is Wu Xinhong’s self definition. Sitting in the lobby of Millennium Minneapolis is located in Beijing East sanhuan, born in 1981, he is more like a 90, fluffy curly hair below is a introverted, shy baby face. I asked him, he would never say anything.

he came to Beijing to attend the annual meeting is the entrepreneur, in his discussion of the concert, Pipiru Ya flag, Chen Ou, force the United States advertising Shu Yi, Gu Zhicheng, cool disk game matrix Xu Yue, only a 90 entrepreneurs is talking about the Xu De Chen, but he look to this special age maximum ratio of Wu Xinhong in more mature. In other words, as the founder of Meitu Xiu Xiu, Wu Xinhong is this group of people looks the most "deceptive" a.

frankly, in the "entrepreneur" magazine first introduced in 2011 when 30 years of age upstart entrepreneurs, we did not think fit at the age of Wu Xinhong. Not only because Meitu Xiu Xiu is partial in Xiamen, it is difficult to be found in the media, it is more important.

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