How to use the public number of online activities to create marketing explosive point


today Xiaobian "chance" by the R & D department office door, see the R & D Department of the first and second low head in the whispering, expression is very possible. While Xiao Bian took out his mobile phone ready to record this beautiful scene and the crab, behind the sudden product manager’s voice: "Damn, to discuss a set of characters are so ambiguous, also let people work


originally the two goods in the discussion will soon set the word game…… Ha ha ha ~ want more.

compiled from the research on that front, this word game is pig CMS tilt five army force (product, UI, front-end, development and testing), carefully for all businesses to create marketing secret weapon. And do not say how delicate interface it, the user experience how wonderful, just the following two marketing explosion point, you can make the enemy tremble.

full of fun, addiction burst circle of friends

In a word game, the right hand left hand

full of wit and humour passion and surprise. Fans only need to set a few characters together business requirements, you can get a generous gift. This irresistible charm, flipping fans hearts, let the fans do not hesitate to join the army in the word. Spell luck, see character, fans hi to addiction!

for businesses, whether it is used for daily node marketing or promotion, set word games are the enemy killer no ground for blame. Strong suction powder, No.

fission spread brand, flowers

will set the word activities to share with friends, you can increase the opportunity to draw words; share more, more opportunities. The circle of friends is the only truth in the test of friendship. It is time to turn friendship into power. Distant waving awards, lit a circle of friends to share the enthusiasm. Fan fingertips, minutes to bring the spread of fission, so that businesses across the country on both sides of the Changjiang River brand.

marketing responsibility in the body, take on responsibility. Pig CMS set word game is about to fire on the line, passion and surprise, please look forward to! (author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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