2010 the fifth annual meeting of the nternet will be held in Beijing

webmaster May 29th morning news, Comsenz and laggards jointly organized the "2010 session of the fifth Chinese Internet webmaster annual meeting held in Beijing today. The theme of this year’s conference is green, cross-border, growth, indicating the future development of the Internet industry, the new roadmap, from around the country nearly 3000 owners participated in the conference.

The webmaster

annual meeting attracted intense media attention, society, local government, industry, government officials from Shanghai, Jiading District, Chengdu City, Yangzhou District of Guangling, attended the meeting, including the overseas media, nearly fifty mainstream media conference on the scene for a detailed report.

Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang in speech pointed out that the future will be the industry turmoil in recent years is China restructuring, the Internet the most exciting years. After ten years of rapid development, China Internet has changed dramatically, the whole industry is a new development thinking of industrial upgrading; Internet entrepreneurs need to adopt new entrepreneurial vision and ideas, new working methods and paths of action to seek sustainable growth and development of new, healthy, with practical action. In this context, cross-border integration will be the main trend of the Internet for some time in the future. He believes that this is a fully inclusive and equitable and complementary innovation, especially the webmaster, more should learn to effectively select and use suitable for your own infrastructure, cross-border cooperation with more enterprises, strong resources, will eventually establish an effective division of labor, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation for the ecological system. A solid foundation for the long-term development of the website.

Hu Yanping, director of the

DCCI Internet Data Center released the 2010 China Internet webmaster survival and development of the white paper. Many hot issues of the report of the small and medium-sized site basic situation, profit model, development prospects and application status of the SNS and made detailed investigation, revealed in the Internet giants competing companies, business integration penetration complex under the new era, Chinese Internet grassroots entrepreneurs with some new characteristics and new challenges will face.

          Zhou Hongyi, chairman of Qihoo from Xinhua Group CEO Tang Jun, delivered a wonderful speech, 2 Internet heavyweights speech humorous jokes constantly, the scene constantly burst into applause.

from the Jiading District people’s Government of Shanghai City Vice Mayor fee Xiaomei, in his speech to the presence of the majority of Internet start-ups issued a warm invitation, look forward to more good electronic commerce and the information service enterprises in Jiading. She said that the local government will provide preferential policies to support small giants, including the support of the modern service industry policies, etc.. At present, Shanghai Jiading eastmoney.com in just five years has grown into the A stock market’s first Internet financial portal of listed companies, and a Shanghai group purchase network and a number of cultural information enterprises are developing market; Ctrip, ChinaNetCenter, HC and other famous sites and information service enterprises have settled at.

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