From the new network advanced domain name agent com price 65 yuan – new network, take what love yo

  in October 2007 the new network by the COM domain name price increase of 5 yuan on the occasion, will be a lot of new network domain name agent domain name agency fees increased to $65, many of which are part of the annual consumption of more than 3000 yuan.

notification = mail sent, the phone hit = mail fails, the phone no answer

if you are in contact with a regional agent, they will say that any policy changes are pre – mail and telephone notification;

if you say you don’t get it, they’ll say you don’t answer the phone.

if they don’t get it, they say they’ve already sent it. Speechless – really, this is a new network area branch


several customers 55 yuan in order to give them 65 yuan agency district renewal

why don’t notice, the new network advertising mail is usually more timely ah, why let the senior agent for the price of 65 yuan, also said the monthly sales of less, will be right down, domain name renewal is not, how to say, is also in line with the conditions of annual consumption of 3000 yuan; and then apologize, what use ah, the money to buckle

1 years of uninterrupted torture for 365 days

I put up with your new network perennial, send advertising messages every pain, spam is looked after, and then delete it! You in the key things, but did not even notice that this is not good!


new network attack more than 1 days, the most painful and frequent customer telephone consultation – day in the history of

when your new network was attacked, I was how to deal with, I patiently told me hundreds of users, and so on, just a moment, and so on, just a moment. But always bad, the new network was attacked for up to 1 days. I’ve been busy all day, doing nothing. New network against the attack line is too bad, during which the new network conducted a data recovery, but also to restore the wrong.

new network will deliberately increase the agent COM domain name of 65 yuan, even to send mail to the agent is not, really hateful. I collect your mail promotion is very hard-working


Beijing please do not give the agency to raise prices, not your domain name registration of a new network domain name senior agent 65 yuan, each agent feels too timid, not just to find a company to buy a


ask you again, you just apologize, said there is no notice, but what can be used to apologize, but also said that the new regional Corporation has no right to lower prices.

for the new network to reduce the price of the agent, the new network is such a regional Corporation and I said, I told you

they have to re register an agent number, and then to the agency account and then advance part, you can enjoy the previous senior agent price

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