Easy to use second-hand information into 250 thousand how he did it

in fact, it is difficult to make money on the Internet, as long as we have the brains to earn money easily. I’m going to talk about a real case. He is a friend of mine who doesn’t have to work almost every day, but about 250 thousand of the annual income. He’s been doing this for years. Today also earned more than and 600, to see. It’s too awesome。 So I decided to share this method for everyone.

we usually go to Taobao will often see a number of people who sell second-hand mobile phones or computers, they are a regular shop specializing in second-hand. But they are only a few products, and many sell well. To prove that the second-hand market is still large. But Taobao has a dedicated secondary channel, a lot of classified information website have secondary trading information columns like this, some of them are really selling second-hand digital, but there is another kind of digital products is a part in the use of these sales platform. The following is to pass each station network – wealth and share with you.

first said I bought a second-hand tablet experience

in fact, I had a previous experience in the Taobao to buy ipad4, was mainly intended to give my mother to buy movies and so on. I don’t want to buy brand-name. Wanted to buy a new Taobao, but Taobao point to point into the secondary market, second-hand information just saw a woman who released the transfer of ipad4, she said she is a fruit powder, very love after Apple’s new tablet, every time a new Apple she will be tempted to buy. After buying a few, found that the old unused flat basic useless. So intend to sell, iPad is 9 into new, only a small scratch. Seeing this second-hand information, I couldn’t help but contact the lady. Her price is 2200, the new Taobao is about 2500 to about 3000. In fact, I do not dare to sell 2500 of Taobao to buy, especially afraid of what the refurbished machine, and the cost of the 3000 seems to be a bit. She said she was 3300 in the store to buy, compared to our side of the store is indeed sold before the price of such a price of 3300. So I kind of believe what she said.

also added her QQ chat, her QQ data shows that she is a 10 year old girl’s mother, do casual work units. QQ space and some living photos, most of them are some travel or play with children photos. To be honest, she was worried that she would not be a number of specialized in selling second-hand goods, but after reading her information, she felt quite credible. Because we buy digital products are most afraid of those who are dedicated to the sale of second-hand furniture after the renovation of the merchant, who knows whether the renovation or repair of faulty machines. We buy second-hand digital unconscious inside or some of their own products with more confidence.

decided to trade at 2150 after a lot of communication and bargaining, and I asked her to post it. The heart wants is what at least I will not lose the postage, I was very wary of this aspect in online shopping.


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