Wedding photography marketing program

I have a friend in f64 wedding photography company to do SEO, always complain about their website ranking is not how?

their website keywords: Wuhan wedding photography, Wuhan wedding photography studio. I have a Baidu, all in the third page.

carefully analyzed their website, the main question:

1, home page for pure FLash, and the application of the framework (frameset).

2, no real text content and links.

3, the site is not set up all the pages of keywords and description.

4, website theme text and links too little, is not conducive to search engine included.

is the site optimization scheme and implementation of standard I prepared for the studio enterprise website


first, the website optimization page

1, for each page to add the title

if it is the home page, then the title suggests the use of the title of the site to the site on behalf of the company / organization title, such as: f64 wedding photography. In addition to the form page, the title is suggested to be refined and summarized in the form of annotations, which allows your hidden user to quickly access your page through the title of the search engine.

2, the site title must include website brand keyword

users in the search, the search is often keywords, not the company’s title, in accordance with the search engine to grasp the truth, as long as the title of the relevant keywords can be searched by the user, the title is very valuable. For example, the studio industry, the customer will search wedding photography, wedding, etc. according to customers, is that these are within the category of can pick.

3, logo ALT image description, link to the home page, the inside pages will help users access the indirect Click to enter the page

4, navigation with pictures and FALSH, navigation, although the use of ink. Navigation with FLASH to do the first, rising user experience

due to the fact that many user viewing devices are barrier FLASH. Second, the search engine can not identify FLASH Bangbian form, then do search engines, you this station is no navigation, provide and set in the website ranking.

5, product keyword density distribution to the right


search engine in accordance with the keyword density decisive the theme of the site, usually between 2%-8%, the density is too low, the theme is not outstanding, affect the ranking; density too much, there are cheating suspected, will be drop right can be K


6, the bottom of the site need to increase the record number and copyright information

in the search engine crawl, prove that the site is legitimate, the more attention to the material, can improve the weight. The number of sites included in the rankings and promotion of a certain adjuvant.

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