Alibaba busy domain name was very convenient to win

renamed China ( September 12th news, the Internet is now a hot topic in addition to Apple released the iPhone6 series of products, is the Alibaba listed roadshow, in this wave hit, Ali also caused a series of domain names is very fury, Jiangsu recently bought a public company "Alibaba" the domain name is the 4 letter domain name Alibaba Pinyin initials, compared with the Alibaba’s main domain is more easy to remember, Ma Yun will have the domain name, and "Ali babe" in the beginning, but the name is a cost of $10 thousand from overseas enough, the Ali listed, would to promote their brands, the domain name into the pocket of

?The domain name

, "Alibaba" seller is a well-known domain name investors @ tired Lord, he also is very convenient to sell a 4 letter domain name, exun 4 letters "E news", "Yi Xun" meaning, or fashion clothing brand clothing news (EXUN) of English, the multi meaning it will greatly enhance the value of the domain name.

recently, is very convenient in the domain name market transactions frequently, first is high with 2 letter domain name, then sell it, but also rumors the company spent nearly 3 million yuan acquisition of the 2 letter domain name, and the six digit price bought double spell domain name, the domain name has a "city built in the early net".

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