Summary of the common characteristics of garbage station

What are the common features of the

garbage station?. If you can avoid a few common points in the dumpster, you can do a profitable garbage station. Like a rogue is not terrible, fear rogue culture, in fact, garbage station does not make money, but don’t look like the dumpster dumpster make a lot of money. Ps: personally think that there is no original content of the site is a dumpster, a bit extreme ang

1 acquisition of content, rough page

2 has so many sets of free CMS code, style, templates, pictures of the application

3.pv is not greater than 2

4.js ad code more than 3 on a

5 is full of bold, keyword stuffing

6 useful useless tag with keywords

7 home friendship connection number 20. And all text links

8 content 7 sky update. Update a few hundred pages above (collected well, not tired)

9 domain name registration valid for 1 years. And for the cheap CN domain name.

10 mass. Blog. Know.

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