Six principles to be followed in case analysis of content marketing


, as a qualified content marketer, need to do is to combine their own advantages and real things can be effective. For some people, that may mean creating a like "horse dance" as viral popular thing, but for me, this often means that the use of data to produce some powerful stories to influence those important people in the industry. According to the success or failure of the content marketing case I have run, I think the following six principles are essential in content marketing.

1 your content should not be about your personal

if your content is only a single point of view, or in addition to your own company will not affect anyone else, then you missed the focus of content marketing.

your content should enable you to create new connections with people, and enable you to have a dialogue with the industry elite.

I recently wrote an article called "30 recommendations from the music industry entrepreneurs," the 30". This not only means that I got more than 2500 words of wisdom, set people thinking content, in this process, I even set up a good relationship with them.

it is important that these industry professional flash point is not from me or my company, they come from the 30 entrepreneurs.

a few weeks ago, I have integrated a interactive chart, called the "socialization of the highest degree of music label TOP100", a summary of which is essentially the most effective use of music to social media companies. I use labels to sort out: equipment manufacturers, streaming media service providers, etc..

once again stressed that the content has nothing to do with me. This is to say: Spinnin record is the highest degree of socialization of the music brand; Reverbnation is the highest degree of socialization of the music platform; Gibson is the highest degree of socialization of equipment manufacturers.

2 let the data speak for you

do digital marketing in my early discovery, with the idea, advocated based content for those opinions is highly esteemed or being fully considered, but based on data content for all applicable.

I just came in and started talking at the SEO conference when I was only eighteen years old. I am struggling to find ways to fight for those inexperienced practitioners of prejudice. It’s a good idea for me to use the data.

I’d like to share some of the examples I’ve tried and seen with the audience. So I don’t need to be alone, I prefer to tell the audience that they have their own ideas about what I mean by their strategy.

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