What are the names of the famous dessert shops in Hongkong

talk about dessert, although the different places of the diners for the different needs of the dessert, and Hong Kong Style dessert is always a very important component of the market. In order to allow more ready to open a dessert shop investors can give the shop a good name, the following small series to introduce you to the name of the famous dessert shop in Hongkong.

Hui Lau Shan

50 years ago, Hui Lau Shan as a humble herbal tea shop, selling jelly, hemp fruit, plum, etc., for the first time in 1992 to supply Mango Sago, unexpectedly popular, then ten years, launched with mango as flagship dessert and frozen drinks, including classic Mango Sago, mango coconut milk West mango, mango SACE cool, as dessert tide leader, now has more than more than and 30 stores.

Kun Ji

The traditional Hong Kong Style dessert

existing in sugar, in fact, there are a few bakeries, still supply the old Hongkong cakes, in deep water the old district will retain several, like 50 years changeless Hongfa, every day as usual supply Taro cake, cake, wormwood muffin, another door long-term around people panic buying the kun. A lot of people think that sugar cake, sesame cake, these old style Hongkong cake, only the older generation of people appreciate, thanks to Kun Ji, these years to maintain the level, so that a new generation of young people, OL also fell in love with the old cake.

Most of the

are used for old pastry Mijiang material, make pastry entrance smoke tough soft waxy, so manufactured goods of good and bad, are the key elements of rice. Kun Ming this way to remember deep, even printing long sticky Rice noodles ready, it still hold your abraded Mijiang, and grinding of fresh rice every day, unique, made out of cake and elastic. Like sugar cake, the self grinding rice milk made of mixed fermented rice old moderate sweetness, loose and not sticky teeth.

floor hall

dessert shop has been maintained for 25 years. Every time after I can not help but entered the store, Order a cup of hot lotus almond tea, porcelain cup on the table, the clerk just tore open the cover paper, open the lid came with the smell of sweet almond, entrance is smooth as silk texture, glutinous lotus is sweet embellishment. The dessert to eat a lot of weight, has felt half full, want to try it, dinner had better stay inside.

friends love the sesame seed, said its taste is the most powerful, original master processing sesame paste when only seven black sesame, the remaining three is white sesame, because the white sesame oil fried after the more fragrant, unique taste. Remind you, every holiday eve, Kowloon City famous restaurants will be long queues, Mao hall dessert shop also is, the best prepared.


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