Wonderful restaurant marketing ideas

catering industry has always been an impression of high profits, but also because of market demand, thus attracting a lot of investors into the industry. But in fact, the food and beverage industry has been one of the most competitive industries, how to rise in recent years, rising costs, profit margins in the environment to survive and develop, is the problem that every restaurant must face. In the face of these challenges, some restaurants began to use various marketing tactics to attract customers attention.

clerk molested customers

is a beautiful Thai restaurant catering main fashion Thailand restaurant, Thailand restaurant belonging to the Guangzhou giant banana leaf group. The restaurant is not only a variety of bands and singers in Southeast Asia clerk shuabao, sometimes molested tease the customer.

if you are too handsome, so, be careful. Because there may be a beauty shop assistant rushed over, hold your hand, to the other guests in the restaurant announced loudly: "he is my boyfriend, then trying to drag you in a bid to kiss her under a GUI gui. The "fancy" guests are also common rub squeezed up. In addition, if you are male, sing the Asian male singer will still be in your dining down in your ear a affectionate song "my love", with its enchanting dance, can be described as "giggle and flirt, amorous feelings".

but the clerk said, "flirt" customer marketing seemingly avant-garde, but against the guest does not, instead, some of the guests to eat here is because I think this restaurant. At present, Thailand has become one of the most popular Guangzhou restaurant.

sells "flattering" service

this wonderful service from a dessert shop in Shanghai, Jingan District. It is understood that this dessert shop not only sell the main soup and yogurt, also provide "flattering" customer service, as long as 10 yuan, you can get the praise. However, although a lot of customer consultation, but few people buy this service. However, whether or not to make money from this service, such a unique marketing estimates have helped the restaurant to make the eye and media exposure.

bikini beauty model waiter

Liaoning is located in Shenyang City, Tiexi District Hing Street a congee shop held the opening ceremony, the waiter wearing bikinis to help out. Friends shouted vulgar, but also have friends that are afraid of being bright blind eyes!

looks good on a single

Zhengzhou a "face to eat," said the restaurant can be a good look to avoid single". The selection process do you have a dinner with an air of importance, there are several experts, dozens of professional standards for your grade, as have the opportunity to eat free yen value. Soon, however, the restaurant "face"

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