Zhou Qi, the entrepreneur of the returnees

returnees entrepreneurs, 80 entrepreneurs, electricity providers entrepreneurs…… All sorts of identity superimposed on Zhou Qi body, become a new entrepreneurial dream. Today, let’s go to Zhou Qi to see his entrepreneurial story.



2015 July, we opened in Huizhou, the first cross-border electricity supplier line experience store BNEBUY mission. The opening of the store, which means that I officially started the electricity supplier journey. This line is the experience of the store to sell overseas products, including food, daily necessities, luxury, etc., so that the product can be seen, touched, support to the store from mentioning goods or mail.


arrived in Brisbane I met a flood, flooded to the dormitory 2 floor, I and another roommate from Singapore know there is a flood, but did not know what would be so serious, we rely on some tomatoes in the fridge and a few pieces of bread to survive for three days, one roommate is hungry well, after being rescued hungrily ate 4 tins of luncheon meat, that picture makes me quite a shock.

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