Hunan guy engaged in the apparel industry entrepreneurial story

difficult employment problem so that investment has become an important choice for young people to develop their careers, in recent years, the rapid development of the apparel industry, for investors is a good time to join. In Guangdong, Humen, there are a lot of employers are starting from the migrant workers, he (she) their entrepreneurial story is worth learning from. We will be the boss of the Humen entrepreneurs to sort out the story, aimed at those who are still in business as well as ready to start to inspire people.

"mozhizhemowei" and "opportunity" and "get, summed up his God helps those who help themselves" career success, the 29 year old Huang Yanqiang said this for 3 reasons.

1998 he came to Guangzhou alone with $50 thousand. Until 2000 in Humen has its own processing plant, his business road is very smooth. By the end of 2002, Huang Yanqiang decided to turn from wholesale to monopoly, the company suddenly soared from 300 to more than and 800. "Ignorance is fearless. Think this is a trend of the development of the garment industry, must take leave early than late." Huang Yanqiang said.

2003, this strategy is beginning to be executed, the problem of talent will he stumped, besides, and cost control, sales channels and other issues. 2004 and 2005, Huang Yanqiang is the most difficult time, even so, he did not want to give up, but efforts to move forward.

1998: opportunities around the year, is the wholesale clothing industry in prime time, Huang Yanqiang just recommended

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