Chuzhou 12th Five-Year remarkable run into 13th Five-Year

with the opening of the new situation continues to open, China ushered in a large number of two or three tier cities entrepreneurial development opportunities. This allows more young entrepreneurs have the courage to carry out entrepreneurial activities in the home, or move to a more market two or three tier cities to compete.

"12th Five-Year" since, after the financial crisis facing the macro environment perplexing, Chuzhou Economic Development Zone to actively seize the opportunity to undertake industrial transfer of Wanjiang City Belt demonstration area, focus on the sprint goal of the province’s first phalanx Development Zone, firmly attracting large and strong, focusing cohesion project construction, fully grasp the operation services, economic and social development the new achievements, has entered a new stage of accelerated development, transformation and upgrading.

Comprehensive economic strength:

"since 12th Five-Year", Chuzhou Economic Development Zone has approved the national economic and Technological Development Zone, the provincial high tech Industrial Development Zone, the actual park management area of 83 square kilometers. The main economic indicators to maintain rapid growth of 20% over the same period, the average annual GDP growth of 22.6%, the scale of industrial added value increased by an average annual growth of 22.5%, fiscal revenue increased by an average annual rate of 33.7%, fixed asset investment grew by an average annual rate of 26%. Chuzhou Economic Development Zone has entered the fast track of economic and social development.

the basic form of the modern industrial system

to BOSCH SIEMENS and Konka host enterprises reached 10, more than and 200 supporting enterprises. Refrigerators, color TV, air conditioning, washing machine production capacity reached 10 million units, respectively, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan, 6 million, refrigerator, air conditioning, color TV, the local matching capacity reached 80%, respectively, 70%, 80%, respectively, the number of units, respectively, to reach a total of 4 million. September 2015, the smart home appliance industry approved the first batch of strategic emerging industries cluster development base.

The ability of independent innovation and constantly improve the

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