Friends and business should pay attention to what matters for Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is not a trivial matter, a lot of people are willing to choose and some of the relationship between a good friend to start a business, which can reduce the risk of entrepreneurship. But there are a lot of people in the process of entrepreneurship is a variety of unpleasant, leading to the rupture of friendship. So, and friends should pay attention to what matters? Let’s take a look.

but my friend Clair  Mazur co founded the Of  a  Kind has 4 years of time, fortunately we don’t have the experience. And we all think that this combination is the strongest, but also the most impressive part of our entrepreneurial process. Here are 8 lessons we summarize in this process:

1.  use common experience

Before we start in

2.  positioning role

3.  stay independent, don’t be confused with

in fact often do, but basically no way, so to maintain independence.

4.  planning time alone

at work when we always stay in a basic block, meeting together, eat together, play together. But our agreement is not to meet on the weekends, unless we take part in a common friend’s wedding.

5.  leave some time for friendship

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