How to dig a good idea

entrepreneurship is difficult, but it is far from our imagination, how to simplify the difficulty of our business, hyperactivity brain, more thinking, the depth of mining business ideas is very important, then, how to dig deep entrepreneurial ideas? May wish to take a look at!

A, through the analysis of operating procedures, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, in the global production and logistics process, information services and software development, a lot of business opportunities can be found.

two, through the analysis of contradiction, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, most of the services provided by financial institutions and products are only for professional investors, but the market has 70% of the total investment of public funds, but not due attention.

three, through the analysis of special events, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, a blast furnace plant in the United States had to buy a mini steel stove because of lack of funds, and the latter had a higher rate of interest than the former. After analysis, it was found that the U.S. steel market structure has changed, so the steel plant will focus on the future of the rapid response to market demand for mini steelmaking technology.

four, through the production of new knowledge, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, when the human gene images can be expected to completely solve the inevitable in biotechnology and medical services, bring many new business opportunities.

five, through the analysis on the change trend of population statistics, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, the rapid development of the one-child, single parent families, the trend of women’s employment, the phenomenon of aging society, the change of education, the expansion of the international view of young people… And so on, will provide many new market opportunities.

six, by changing values and cognition, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, for people to change the dietary needs of cognition, the emerging industry makes delicacy market, health food market and so on; when people on both sides by the prospect of alone and when the steering system, education, employment, migration to the mainland market opportunities, will have been booming.

seven, through the analysis of the industrial structure and market changes, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, in privatization and public sector open free competition in the market trend, we can in the transportation, telecommunications and energy industry to explore many business opportunities. In the government just launched the knowledge economy program, you can find a lot of new entrepreneurial opportunities.

the idea is right on our side, is all around us, we should learn to find the key is to learn, to find methods, Xiaobian for you to take a few deep mining business ideas, hope.

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