How much does it cost to join the legendary cooker

in the streets of the pot of rice food everywhere, and now has become one of the popular rice meal, business opportunities, the number of young people to join the rice cooker, of course, will not be less. How to come out on top in the many brands, the key lies in the selection of projects, welcome to join the project selected by the nature of the food. Consumers are running to the word of mouth. What is a good choice?

want to worry about entrepreneurship, join the legendary baozaifan pot flavor is a good choice, delicious, healthy, loved by the people, to the stores where you can earn pot flavor! Baozaifan according to ancient legends, featured a variety of delicious and nutritional ingredients will blend perfectly, the one and only the top secret sauce. According to therapeutic methods, a variety of rare traditional Chinese medicine compatibility in the cooking process, also more yangxin. So how much does it cost to cook a pot of rice?

pot legend rice cooker products rich in variety, with a variety of different types of products, pot legend of the legendary rice cooker agents are very optimistic about this project. Do not have to worry about the legend of how much pot cooking pot rice need to join the fee?. It has a classic, nourishing and nutrition of three big pot rice cooker series, taste the legendary baozaifan multi-faceted direct consumer groups, with rich and delicious won high popularity.

legend of pot cooking pot meal fee

pot flavor legend adhering to fast casual characteristics, through the optimization and innovation of equipment will be "baozaifan" becomes simple, realize baozaifan process standardization and innovation, namely point so as to realize the pot delicious in the store in the operation is taken". This quick meal of innovation, so that consumers feel, seemingly to simmer the "pot" out of taste, there is no need to wait for too long time will be able to experience the unusual pot of delicious, but also can quickly eat well, eat nutritious, eat healthy


as a small investment in the food and beverage industry, the first thing to consider before starting 5 aspects of the problem, that is, rent, cook, dining environment, production, food safety. Pot flavor legend, with their own years of market experience, advanced brand management concept, improve the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, so that a lot of the lack of capital entrepreneurs to see their own hope. The pot taste legendary location limited small, as long as there are people where you can run on the kitchen, as long as the simple; training for two people in the company, you can easily fix, no chef.

legend of pot cooking pot meal fee

is the legendary cooker taste completely without oil smoke of the operation, all products are made of special equipment operation is completed, all electric, without them, and low energy consumption, a meal is fast, high efficiency over taiwan. As for the issue of food safety, in addition to fresh meat, vegetables, local procurement, other pickled materials, seasoning all by the company unified distribution, to ensure that the national taste uniform at the same time to ensure the safety of all materials. Franchisee do not worry about the product’s taste and security

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