8 haven’t heard of the business to make money like gold

there are entrepreneurs who do not know what to do business, the market has been the development of business opportunities? Of course not, the following alternative entrepreneurial money king you certainly did not hear, may wish to look at it together.

One of the

idea two: pet


idea three: marriage "treatment" shop

modern marriage is becoming more and more fragile, such problems often appear in marriage. Cannot but instead, everyone don’t want divorce this way.

if we open a marriage and responsible for the diagnosis of symptoms, can place effective treatment, should benefit people selfish things.

idea four: "the car driving on behalf of

"call the driver" call the Xiamen Mr. Wang drive to go to a friend’s party, glad I drank a few cups of wine, drunk. He made a phone call, half an hour without a driver. He took the car keys handed over to Mr. Wang, helped him to sit on the back of the car, and then to sit in the driver’s seat, the car back to Mr. Wang’s house. Mr. Wang to enjoy the service, Xiamen is a domestic company pioneered the part-time service – call driver. "Call the driver" can not only drunk customers can also provide rescue work on the shuttle, the family purchase temporary car service.

idea five: love


now 80 has become the main consumer groups. But after 80 girls will cook less. The general white-collar lunch became a chronic problem.

We can recommend the

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