Guang’an issued love mother parcels for poor mothers

Spring Festival is coming soon, when many local people are in the slaughter of sheep, but in some remote areas, life is very difficult, they need our help. In January 22nd, Guang’an Guang’an city Sichuan District Women’s Federation cadres are giving mother parcels to Ryugo charge village poor mother, love. It is understood that the "mother parcels" project by the fund China launched a women’s development will promote the theme of maternal love, mother love action, the postal Easy Access project open to China postal service for support.

this activity to care for poor mothers as the theme, launched by the community through the "one to one" donation mode will consist mainly of daily necessities of the mother parcels delivered to the hands of the poor mother. On the one hand, this activity can help poor mothers to solve some of the practical difficulties in life, but also improve their basic health and safety awareness, so that more mothers live more happily.

Guang’an pass love, issued mother parcels for poor mothers, warm the majority of poor people in the region of the heart, this is a very meaningful public welfare activities! The Guang’an District Women’s Federation actively, the district received a total of 100 mother parcels, received the parcel after the District Women’s Federation to care for poor mothers in time as the theme of "mother parcels" one by one to the rural poor mother’s hands, and that the mother parcels to the significance of the project, encourage poor mothers self-reliance, firmly establish the outlook on life, the courage to face the temporary difficulties, bravely provoked the burden of life and family, and wish them health and happiness, family happiness, live a healthy and happy new year.

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