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like fish friends a few fish, not only taste good, the health and benefits, of course, the beauty of the female friend is more love fish, not only to meet the needs of taste chowhound have cosmetic effect. Braised fish, steamed, of course, we all love pickled fish.

pickled fish began in Chongqing Jiangjin river fishing village. According to legend, the fisherman will capture the fish to sell fish and river tend to be sold over the farm for eating sauerkraut, pickled fish and fishermen will pot soup, this soup is delicious, so some shop will be transplanted, supply the south to the north to diners. Pickled fish is popular in the early 90s, has a space for one person in the big and small restaurants, Chongqing chefs put it into the country from north to south, pickled fish is one of the pioneer began Chongqing cuisine.


hall Huang fish pickled fish?

hall Huang fish pickled fish, delicious classic and creative management, create a different delicacy hall, Huang fish pickled fish bring people of different taste experience, with fresh grass carp as the main material, with Pickles, Sichuan Style cooked. A dish of meat tender, fragrant delicious sour soup, spicy and not greasy, smooth and tender yellow fish.

hall Huang fish pickled fish by ecological snakehead, is caught, killed, now, to the spontaneous development of the pickled cabbage, sour radish, plus Guo Guo – type material package, a sour and refreshing pickled fish is "turned out". This dish once launched, has aroused great repercussions in the Hefei market, consumers all thumbs up. Now officially registered as a "Hall of fish Huang pickled fish", is really ten years of grinding a


investment hall Huang fish pickled fish, in order to win the market to conquer the consumer characteristics, delicious, low risk, less investment, quick recovery, catering industry favorite, entrepreneurial wealth.

The above is the

Hall of the imperial fish pickled fish is introduced, if you are satisfied with the brand to join, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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