She said that because of the ugly face age don’t have a boyfriend must be cosmetic

look at the face of the times, a lot of beautiful women would rather like the United States as a withdrawal is not willing to ugly strange, therefore, the prevalence of plastic surgery. In the face of the face of the times, not good-looking people have a kind of inferiority complex. Recently, she said that because of the ugly don’t have a boyfriend, suddenly inferiority, attracted netizens very distressed.

3 the morning of 7 August, Luo Yufeng forwarded a network Reds Xifeng on summing up "what five people find a boyfriend in the micro-blog, micro-blog said, the first is not love makeup, second is the house, third is a character like boys, the fourth is corruption, the fifth is starchaser.

Xifeng forwarded the micro-blog and with the text and the text reads: "I was pretty ugly…" see her inferiority of speech, netizens felt a surprise, have encouraged her to brush comments: "kind real good." "I love you right now." But there are friends joked: consciousness is finally high".


1, "I love Feng ~ ~ than those who face hyaluronic acid bully goods. You are too beautiful "

2, "chicken heart most beautiful." "I dare say the most beautiful Phoenix, I beat him against"

3, "don’t say that she should have confidence in yourself."

4, "heart of beauty and natural beauty, you have been very strong, refueling."


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