Fujian grants help students to encourage young entrepreneurs

now social entrepreneurship has become diverse, recently, Fujian province held the glory student activities, clearly encouraged some young people to carry out entrepreneurial activities, played a very good effect.

the donation ceremony for a total of 348 poor students grants 1 million 740 thousand yuan, giving 5000 yuan per capita funding. Fujian Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, glory will recommend 11 outstanding private entrepreneurs to Fuzhou University as the Fuzhou University business mentor, and issued the letter of appointment, Xiamen Goldcommon Group Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Aiqin as a business mentor representative said his experience as a business mentor.

Lei Chunmei on behalf of the glorious cause of Fujian provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, the provincial council made an important speech at the donation ceremony. She said, with a good light the beauty of human nature, is the essence of the glorious cause. Help poor college students to realize their dream of learning, is an important part of the glorious cause. Glory student donation ceremony of "Fujian good stories" preach, not only is the extension of brand glory student, is the early start of "bright · continue to boost the poor students entrepreneurial action".

the donation ceremony, Lei Chunmei, Zhang Fan, Wang Ling and other leaders to help students on behalf of grants; Fuzhou University Party committee secretary Tim Chen, deputy secretary of the Provincial Education Committee Liu Jianjin gave speeches at the ceremony; the previous and recent recipients of student representative of the recipients.


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