Entrepreneurs are not desirable what

although there are a lot of people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, however, not every idea of these entrepreneurs are correct, each approach is desirable. In short, only to abandon those undesirable ideas, so that the business will really get better place. So, entrepreneurs are not desirable practice?

approach 1: there is no cognitive power of the business, especially the heart looks down on businessmen.

some people tend to culture people boast, bones have shares high strength, look not on profit seeking businessmen, think these people are covered with copper odor, money in the eyes of the drill, the business that is neither understand and disdain.

but how can you get the money out of business? Even if your business is not for the money is not a dream call, but the dream of the realization of money to support? Don’t even need some bones exudes the stench of businessmen give you money? Since entrepreneurship, have leveled attitude, seriously study the business rules, respect every businessman may give you money to vote.

no, you wanted to see who? Yet what kind of industry, take your lofty culture!

practice 2: starting from the feelings rather than starting from the market demand.

in what Luo, who under the leadership of this year, feeling the word probably told you rotten, a startup or talk about feelings, they will feel no level.

in fact, the appropriate talk about feelings is also good, you can get the user resonance, increase the viscosity of the product, but the problem is that you can not talk about the feelings of the head, with the situation in Huailai to replace the market demand for god horse, it is bad.

feelings is what? Feelings is a reflection of the value of the product, its purpose is not to deceive or even deceive users. If you really want to seize the user pain points, it is just starting from the market demand, rather than simply rely on what to intercede for Huailai manufacturing gimmick. Look at the trafficking feelings Luo, these two days should be to tell their fans!

practice 3: a variety of reasons not to find a partner.

business is a marathon of bitter force, to cope with various emergencies, entrepreneurs often hate the ability to constantly on the run, with superhuman powers. But even if entrepreneurs have superhuman powers, Zhibuding someday start a boat would turn to turn. Therefore, entrepreneurs find a reliable partner to share the risk, it is important to start the boat pull together in times of trouble.

reality is that many entrepreneurs in the company rather than a single large, do not want to cooperate with others, share, in his eyes, others is a worker working for them. >

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