Can not do business plan retail customers

if things can be simplified, who are willing to deal with simple, however, if you do business with this idea, which is very detrimental to the development of the business. After all, the retail customers to choose the retail business itself, on the choice of a road not eat Xin suffering, easy method. As the saying goes, before the more worry, worry less afterwards. Some retail customers are not trying to do service work was perfect, but grinding ideas, loophole, picking up only, how easy to do. The results, save yourself, but the customer is not happy, your trouble is based on customer trouble, the results will make detours, mr..

is not easy in the service. To do a good job in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, the service throughout the entire process of sales. Customer satisfaction and satisfaction, is the most basic requirements for retail customers. First of all, to provide customers with comfortable shopping. Some retail customers will say, customers to buy goods, and the place? Of course the relationship, we can see that now many large stores and provides experience area, implement experience marketing, let the customer first experience, after the purchase, the effect is not compared to traditional sales methods.

then, when customers purchase goods to do service work, such as the commodity, do shopping guide for customers, completes the commercial trial, let the customer be able to skillfully operate, etc.; in addition, to do a good job tracking sales, customer satisfaction on whether the goods, goods with proficiency, what customer needs feedback, as did their job.

service is a effective way to achieve value-added goods, do not simplify the process of service delivery, it can not take good customer service as a child’s play, service is the key to enhance the image and reputation. In the service, to under the relentless effort, how fine move, not "Jerry", sometimes bad things can save.

two is not easy in the above image. Image is the life of the retail store, there will be no image, there is no breakthrough. To highlight the three diligence". First of all, to be diligent to arrange the goods. The goods are usually in a dynamic, a pin, if not good at make up, it will give people the feeling of clutter, so to the commodity arrangement as priority among priorities of day-to-day business, take the time to squeeze time to do finishing work.


second, diligent cleaning. With the continuous improvement of life, consumers are no longer satisfied with eating, wearing warm, they are more pursuit of taste and comfort. What would consumers feel if they were covered with dust and cobwebs?. If you do not pay attention to the goods, health is not paying attention to the consumer, it is difficult to win customers. "".

third, to be diligent to check their own shortcomings. It’s not good to think that you are everywhere

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