Galaxy nternet joint venture winter plan ending the two or three line of the city

in order to better implement the policy of double down, with a more entrepreneurial "winter plan" is really let more entrepreneurs feel like we should start now. Recently, the Internet platform by joint venture joint venture, launched the galaxy Internet "winter plan" success.


The official data released by

is not difficult to see, although the two or three line of the city market environment remains to be improved, but the entrepreneurial passion has been quietly.   according to the analysis of the industry, the public was not confined to the big city of the people, the more should contain two or three lines or even smaller areas of population. With the development of the Internet, the market has gradually disappeared, the two or three line of the city should continue to show their own magnetic suction effect.

Galaxy Internet relevant responsible person said that the two or three line of the city often have their own unique advantage industry, can exist in some big city filled short board industry to a certain extent. "Entrepreneurs are willing to show in this relatively vertical industry skill, is also had the foresight and vision, as long as it is a good project, Galaxy Internet are willing to help and support the relevant entrepreneurs."

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