Five concept of making money

2012 is coming, many people become a new target for small business investment to the real record as a, but the venture also need to continue to find good investment opportunities, we make clear about these business concept.

emphasize tailored personalized won ethnic identity concept can be divided into two types: one is commodity personalized, is to seize the young people nowadays and changeable, novelty, strong sense of personal characteristics, the self image, tailored to each customer to create a unique personalized merchandise two, like personalized ornaments, portrait doll personalized printing, etc., to meet the consumer potential narcissism, thus creating business opportunities. The other is the store personalized, because many domestic retail service industry has entered a fully competitive stage, at this stage, the shop is the key to success, so that consumers have a sense of identity, to the store has a unique personality. For example, the sale of coffee, Starbucks, selling MUJI products, selling beauty care products, such as The Body Shop, is a representative of the shop personalized. There are video games store, animation store these are also very creative.

second concepts: the concept of female

third concepts: the concept of


Fourth concepts: the concept of parity

fifth concepts: the concept of health

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