College Business Park in Jinjiang city award ceremony held in Quanzhou nstitute of Technology

with the entrepreneurial atmosphere is strong, all kinds of business incubator role gradually highlight, "College Park" in Jinjiang city the day before at the Quanzhou Institute of Technology was founded, providing depth service to Jinjiang business students who successfully venture onto the road to riches.

"College Business Park" in Jinjiang city   Quanzhou Institute of Technology listed

in the awarding ceremony, Jinjiang people club bureau director Cai Yinqing on behalf of the Jinjiang Municipal People’s government for "College Business Park in Jinjiang city" award, the party secretary of Quanzhou Institute of Technology Lin Qitian accepted the award on behalf of the school. Jinjiang rural commercial bank has given strong support, vice governor Wang Xuan on behalf of bank credit 50 million yuan "entrepreneurship fund" will be located in Quanzhou Institute of Technology "University Park" in Jinjiang City, to solve the financing problems of entrepreneurs to provide help.

successful alumni invited to school speech

at the forum, Chen Shican will share his entrepreneurial experience together with the presence of teachers and students, he suggested that in the business, entrepreneurship can not have three minutes of heat, to think for a long time in business in the right and wrong, to reflect on their own, difficulties should unremittingly, can not easily give up their dreams. He also suggested that students learn in school, not dead reading, to use their own knowledge, not inferior, not because of their qualifications and should work harder and improperly belittle oneself.

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