How to attract customers at the beginning of the business

when the new year when we Chinese will eat dumplings, usually would often eat dumplings, dumplings dumplings need to start now, a dumpling shop is very good, as long as make delicious food, will attract customers, is just the beginning of a bit difficult. Here to tell you, how to attract customers to operate dumplings shop.

1, attractive specialty meal

dumplings store to open the store in order to attract customers, the quality and characteristics of the meal is the most important. Food safety is the most important thing now, quality is the first pursuit of people, which requires the selection of raw materials, quality and quality of food products. On the basis of quality assurance is to have a distinctive. Dumplings and rich varieties, in addition to the common varieties of dumplings, corn and pork, pickled pork, Boiled dumplings cabbage in Boiled dumplings, Boiled dumplings boutique boutique fish Boiled dumplings and other characteristics of Boiled dumplings, can continue to attract customers into the store.

2, excellent quality of service

service quality is mainly reflected in the clerk and the customer, the clerk should not only warm hospitality and thoughtful, but also maintain the franchise order, do things arranged in good order. Opened the same day, the scene is lively, if the clerk did not do a good job to allow customers to squeeze in the door, will reduce the customer’s favorite store. When the guests order, because it is the first time into the shop, the clerk to give customers a good recommendation and introduction, which requires the clerk to do a good job in training before opening, to fully understand the products and services provided by the dumpling store.

3, actively do propaganda

on the market a variety of restaurants are too many to count, "wine is also afraid of deep alley, so you can publicize their store is an important step to attract customers in the opening period. Dumplings to join the owner, you can use a variety of promotional methods for publicity, rather than just limited to hair promotional materials.

4, attract customers discount

The opening of

preferential way has many kinds, discounts, gift coupons, gift items such as Orlando, although old, but very practical, especially in the early opening, these activities may bring Everfount repeat for you, and your return is much higher than your offer, of course, to attract customers, but also for a series of stable culture of their own customers, such as value-added services, membership card etc..

business did not imagine that simple, the process will encounter various difficulties, but don’t worry, just opened a dumpling shop, a lot of people still do not know, for you are not familiar with the store, so the consumption may also be a little less. But don’t worry, after reading the above description, those are applied to their own business, I believe it will bring you the recommended

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