Analysis on the development trend of catering business in 2016

if you say what is the most popular industry, non food industry is, in hunger breeds discontentment under the background of the times, the catering industry is called never lost in the industry, the recent emergence of a blowout type development. The following analysis of the hot food industry in 2016, several major trends in the development of food and beverage industry in the hope that people can get some inspiration.

1. restaurant O2O is still strong. The dining O2O model in the past 2015 has scolds a year, but he is still a trend which cannot be halted in 2016. This year, some of the heat of the last takeaway, such as the United States takeaway, hungry takeaway, etc., will continue to prevail, food and beverage reservations, food and other items will also continue to take root germination". In addition, due to the increasing number of food enterprises realized the importance of micro marketing, how to use the WeChat tools to expand their marketing channels has become a lot of catering entrepreneurs eager to learn, so entrepreneurs need to learn the advanced Internet technology to expand their marketing.

Further development of intelligent

2. restaurant. In addition to the previously widespread use of iPad, WeChat meal, and has appeared the robot restaurant, the restaurant in 2016 will further develop intelligent.

3. green healthy ingredients popular. Waste oil, additives, pesticides, vegetables and other issues continue to be exposed, diners are more concerned about food safety issues. In addition to cooking dishes to master the technology, the most important thing is to choose a good food. What is the good food? Certainly those without fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide insecticide ripening, without antibiotic resistance, no chemical pollution or contact with food. We call this ingredient green health food. Miss Park Korean fried chicken rice project is the use of the ingredients are fresh vegetables, pollution-free green products, through the ratio of science, health and nutrition, delicious.

4. fast food chain management. Chain operation is the development trend of fast food industry. Chain operation can not only improve efficiency, reduce costs, but also help to break the bottleneck of the development of catering enterprises management. Chain operation has the cost advantage, price advantage, brand advantage, it should be the main development direction of the catering business model, and this trend will be strengthened in 2016. Entrepreneurs now want to start their own self-reliance, it is quite difficult. So join venture is a feasible way for all entrepreneurs, and miss Park bibimbap Korean fried chicken franchise headquarters has been committed to catering entrepreneurs to join the project practical influence, let entrepreneurs achieve success.

The rise of

5. wind mix catering. One restaurant can eat Chinese food and Western-style food; it is Sichuan shop invites singing band; Hot pot shop also like the restaurant as for diners everywhere; traditional Chinese restaurant also allows you to set the bar a drink…… With love, personality mix of 80 90 has gradually become the main consumer.

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