Like a good mentality

now, like doing business a lot of friends, but also set up a stall, business is good or bad, there is always a lot of stall friends complain that their performance is not good enough, in order to comfort myself a lot of people may think is their luck and timing is not good, in fact, these are the poison, so may will make you lazy, but learn how to find an excuse to shirk responsibility and what can you do? Some people may be more outrageous, if frustrated will choose to give up halfway.

The difference of

in fact between the people of wisdom and strength and not as some people imagine so big, others can do, you can do it, just make the effect difference. These differences are often some of the details of the problem. So the stall man will have a continuous improvement mindset, but also give yourself some goals. Why do people think street vendor can earn so much money, why not make yourself so much money. Think about whether you pay enough. It’s not a matter of complaining, you should learn to change yourself.

to put stall in the industry has made some achievements, first you need to learn to think. Instead of sticking to the stall, so the performance is to keep up. More than their own and their predecessors, to see what their own deficiencies, they have no place where people do well. Find their own problems must be positive to correct, only in this way your ability will increase. If you want to get a better performance, you have to learn to break through, it requires you to have a heart of progress, the mentality is also very important.

In fact,

baidenan looked very simple, anyone can get the goods to a stand, that it can make money. It’s not so simple, and not everyone can make plans, not everyone can earn a decent return, there are many reasons for this situation, attitude is also very important, worth thinking about, we should learn to change, only in this way will have enough faith to insist, so it will achieve better achievement.


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