Shop violations will be punished

Chinese now many investors to do business, or a "self" mentality, in spite of the relevant laws and regulations to comply with the constraints, it is a very small, in order to regulate the whole name of big market, there are provisions of relevant laws and regulations, illegal shops named will be punished.


2010, many shops around the country began to apply star name as the name. Subsequently, all kinds of trendy names is emerge in an endless stream, in Shanghai and other places, some shops named when the scale is too wide, be punished.

in September last year, Shanghai Jinshan District a barber shop owner with a "Supreme Court" signs, users take pictures sent to micro-blog, then this barber shop name has caused controversy in the network. Subsequently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in accordance with the law shall be ordered to stop the release of the hair.

reporter to Fuzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned, there are also many star names, apply the homophonic offbeat store in Fuzhou. Industrial and Commercial Bureau a staff, some contain bad information, may be destructive to the morals, to the public caused by individual name deception or misunderstanding is not used; and cannot be registered trademark is not a real brand, can not be protected by law.


staff to remind the public to apply for personal name, must go to the business sector to apply for prequalification through foreign business.

(Xiamen) Beijing Yingke Law Firm Su Yixin lawyer also reminded businesses, or the enterprise name name can not be detrimental to the state and social public interests, can not cause deception or misunderstanding to the public, not to Party and army, can not use other laws and administrative regulations prohibit the use of the name, if the violation, the Department of industry and Commerce may be given administrative punishment according to law.

if you want to store the normal operation, if you want to take a not punished store name, if you want to make your name more attractive, so naturally also need to store the name in the heart, this will make the name made more successful.

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